Acre gives you the best of both worlds

Genie Ko
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It's not renting. It's not a loan . It's Acre.

Our products are designed to make more financial sense for residents looking for shorter-term stays than the traditional mortgage. You get the flexibility of conventional renting agreements – such as shorter terms and maintenance support – while financially benefiting from home appreciation and significantly limiting your downside because there is no need for debt.  

Acre resident Nicole heard about Acre through her real estate agent. She and her 12-year old son had been living in the Raleigh-Durham area for over 10 years, and this unique approach to homeownership turned out to be just what she needed.

"Once I had an offer on my current home, I knew that I had to move quickly. And then that's when my realtor told me about Acre. And it was a no-brainer, it was the perfect option."

Nicole was in the process of transitioning to homeschooling for her son, so finding a home that could meet their needs as a family was essential. Acre’s unique shared equity model gave Nicole more buying power, increasing her options so she could find a home they loved. 

But the Acre model also gives Nicole more control over their future in the home – there is an option to purchase from Acre at any time. But if their plans change, Nicole still retains her Acre value share and any potential growth.

The way I describe Acre to people is: the best of both worlds. You get the luxuries and freedom of being a renter, but the shared value that I put into the home, I don't lose that.

As an experienced home owner, Nicole found the Acre process faster, less stressful, and more financially attractive than a mortgage. With Acre, you can get into a home you love quickly and confidently, without the need for a long mortgage underwriting process. 

Find out if Acre is a fit for you - Learn more about How Acre Works or schedule time with an Acre team member.

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Genie Ko
Marketing at Acre