Only the best homes are Acre Certified

Peter Crawford
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What makes an Acre home?

An Acre Certified Home is one that we believe will serve our residents well – a great living experience and well-positioned to appreciate. We base our conviction on the quality of the home, the neighborhood, and our bidding strategy. We know that homebuyers working alone worry about “getting a lemon” and being stuck with unexpected costs. We’re here as an experienced partner to help our residents avoid this scenario!

As soon as homes are listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), we apply a combination of proprietary technology and manual review to immediately identify the homes that meet our criteria. You can see these Acre Certified Homes on our site and they are updated daily. 

Our key criteria for Acre Certified Homes are: 1) neighborhood, 2) homes typical of the neighborhood, 3) quality build, and 4) newer homes.

Still, it’s possible that we could miss a great listing. Please submit a home for review and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We know the market moves quickly!

Desirable location

Homes in desirable neighborhoods are likely to appreciate more than homes in other neighborhoods. There’s a reason the homebuying lore emphasizes, “location, location, location” and not some other criteria. To this end, Acre has developed a proprietary “location score” to make sure we’re being consistent in choosing great homes. We also look at “micro-location.” For example, we wouldn’t approve a home that backs up to a major road/highway, rail line, or other nuisance that would put the home’s appreciation potential at risk.

Typical for neighborhood

We are looking for homes that are typical of their neighborhood. Homebuying wisdom often includes, “don’t buy the biggest home on the street,” which is a specific example of this principle.  For example, if the typical home in a neighborhood is 3 bed/2 bath with 2,000 square feet, we’re less likely to buy a 3,500 square foot 5 bed/4 bath home in that same neighborhood. If most homes in the neighborhood are on half an acre, we are unlikely to buy a home on an 1/8th of an acre.  Homes with characteristics that deviate from the norm will likely have fewer offers and fewer comparable sales which can impact both the sale price of a home and the amount of time that the home spends on the market.  This can lead to lower appreciation value for an Acre Resident over time.

Quality Build

We look at the quality of the materials used and the finishes. We have a practiced eye and pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship of the home, as evidenced in the listing photos. We look at the materials and the finishes used to help determine if the home was well-built and maintained. As a local company, Acre is also deeply familiar with many of the  builders operating in the Triangle. 

Newer homes

Acre tends to certify newer homes with a focus on homes built in the last 10 years. Newer homes will, of course, have newer systems (e.g., roof, HVAC). We take this approach to limit the cost and hassle of maintenance for both the resident and Acre. We will, on a case by case basis, approve older homes where all the major systems have been replaced, such as an extensive remodel. 

Single family homes and townhomes

Acre is currently buying single family homes and townhomes. At this time we are not able to buy condos. 

Other considerations

At this time, Acre is not approving homes on septic as repairs can be costly. 

Submit a listing!

We’re continuing to hone our technology and process, and if there’s a home you love that you think we should certify, please reach out to us!

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Peter Crawford